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A seasoned software developer with over a decade of hands-on experience and a track record of delivering cutting-edge solutions to both established enterprises and young startups. My journey began by building the IT systems using Python, JavaScript and AWS. This expertise naturally evolved into collaborating with startups, bringing their Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and Proof of Concepts (POCs) to life.

My expertise

Programming languages Python, JavaScript
Frameworks Flask, Django, Vue, React, Bootstrap
Storage MySQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
Data engineering Kafka, Dagster, PySpark
Machine Learning Recommendation systems, Computer Vision, NLP
Compute Docker, AWS Fargate, AWS Lambda
DevOps AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeBuild, ELK, Azure DevOps
Methodologies Agile, Scrum, TDD, BDD

Recent Work


Responsive design for rubicon games. Stack: HTML, Bootstrap 5


Telegram bot hosting platform. Stack: Python, Flask, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, Telegram API, S3, AWS CloudFormation


Digital Services Act - 2020/0361 (COD) compliance tool. Stack: Python, Flask, AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, AWS SES, AWS CloudFormation


AWS Cognito authentication extension for Flask. Stack Flask, AWS Cognito


Blog - Python, AWS, C++

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